Experience the Luxury of Our Premium Cars

Ahh… Premium cars… We all love them, don’t we? Not all of us have the privilege of owning a Mercedes, or a Porsche, or a BMW, or an Audi, but who said we can’t drive them? ?

Because we love our TREVO community so much, we want you to be able to experience a luxury drive! That is why we’re giving you 50% OFF when you book a premium car!

You must be thinking… What’s the difference anyway? A cheap car will get you to where you need just the same, right? Well true, but it’s the experience.

Feel the smoothness, spaciousness, and comfort of a premium ride. Fall in love with the aromatic smell of premium leather. There is a sense of safety that comes with the technology used in premium cars as well. Any trip that you’re making will definitely be upgraded when you drive the dream.

Not sure which one of our premium cars you should experience? Below are some suggestions of which bad boys you can drive on TREVO car rental platform ?

Mercedes GLA200

Spacious. Shiny. Smooth. If we had to describe the Mercedes-Benz GLA200 in 3 words, that would be it. This 5-seater SUV is sure to give you seamless performance. It’s the perfect car to drive on a weekend getaway with your family and friends, especially with all the cargo space it has. Not only can this spectacular car fit all your loved ones, but it can also fit all the essentials you’ve packed for that perfect holiday.

Book a Mercedes GLA200

Porsche Cayman

If Porsche was a movie, the Cayman would be the main character. It is one of the most well-known models of the car brand, and for good reason! It has a versatility that is timeless. It can be the perfect sports ride for the adventurous or even a sleek vehicle for the fashionable. You can never go wrong with a Cayman! Being a 2-seater, this car is great for dates — even a date with yourself. It’s time to live the romance! Porsche is known for the revs of their engine, and the Cayman is no exception. Listen to the majestic roar of the Cayman in the audio below!

Book a Porsche Cayman

Toyota Camry

Here’s a stylish ride for the business professional. Toyota Camrys are such best-sellers around the world because they are reliable and trouble-free. Despite being mid-sized, there is also more than enough passenger space for everyone. This comfortable mid-sized sedan is also one of those timeless vehicles that are perfect for the family… And your friends, or just yourself! A car that gets the job done — That is what the Toyota Camry is.

Book a Toyota Camry

Mini Cooper Countryman S

Compact, but stylish. That’s what comes to our minds when we think about Mini Coopers, and the Countryman pays testament to that! How is it possible for something to look so sophisticated, yet adorable? We don’t know, but this car definitely pulls it off. You are guaranteed a gentle drive when you’re behind the wheel. Take your friends out for a night out in the city in one of these! Don’t worry, they’ll fit. It is the XXL of Minis.

Drive a Mini Cooper Countryman S

Audi A3

You can never go wrong with this good-looking compact sedan. The Audi A3 looks sporty, feels luxurious, and most importantly, performs exceptionally well. All of these are packaged together with practicality. If you’re going on a trip and have a lot of things to bring, you can even pull the rear seats down for extra cargo space! Feel like a king on the road within its quality minimalist interior.

Book an Audi A3

Don’t worry, we have more premium cars for you to choose from ?

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