Why share your car on TREVO?

It's simple and safe to share your car with the technology provided by TREVO. You're in control of the availability and pricing, in addition to having TREVO as an extra avenue of income.

All Guests are verified

We know our Guests by verifying every user’s ID and driver’s license, only allowing people who have passed the verification to book your car.

Start car sharing in 3 steps

Share at no cost Any car that is lesser than 10 years old can be shared on TREVO for absolutely no fee. You may contact us if you are interested in sharing your classic car too! :)
Share at your convenience Set your car's availability, pricing, and requirements for Guests. You still get to drive your car around whenever you want.
Share with confidence Once your car is approved, qualified Guests can reach out. You can message them with any questions before accepting their booking.



Share your car like Jacky

“TREVO Delivery helps me deliver my car when I work my day job.” I opted in for TREVO Shield and with that comes free delivery service provided by TREVO. I am your average Joe who has a day job and can’t always be attending to the bookings I get, TREVO delivers the car for me to the Guests and is always available for me. I am able to fund my instalment with my earnings from TREVO, with me having to do almost nothing extra, which to me, is freaking awesome.

#getmoney with your car

Payment is quick

Payout are two weeks after a trip is completed, so you get paid more often than your day job with a car you already own.

Payment is easy

The payment effortlessly goes into your bank account as long as you enter your bank details clearly in-app.

You can do so many things with it

Share your car on TREVO, pay for your car loan, make it a business, or simply to achieve better life quality, like go travelling.

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If you own a car rental company or you are an aspiring entrepreneur, or own a car rental company, TREVO is the best place to fast track or start your car rental business. You can use TREVO as an extra channel to engage with customers, to increase your business’ visibility, and to manage your fleet schedule with advanced filters that help you tap into a whole new customer segment