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1. How does TREVO Shield work?

TREVO Shield is the first Insurance Policy purely for car-sharing Hosts (excluding Commercial Hosts) in Malaysia. Together with our premium insurer, Allianz, we have launched an insurance policy that safeguards the car(s) you host even more with our innovative insurance coverages.             
In the rare event where your Guests unintentionally cause injuries and damages to another person and their car while driving your car, TREVO Shield will cover your car against self damage, and fire & theft. TREVO Shield also provides you with EXTRA coverage in the rare cases of driving accidents by Guests — to your car’s body, paint and bumper. *
Other TREVO Shield EXTRA Safe features include:

* Only available on the Shield 65 Plan and Shield 60 Plan

** Only available on the Shield 60 Plan

2. Do I still need my own motor insurance policy if I already have TREVO Shield?

Yes. It’s mandatory to embark onto TREVO Shield for the motor protections extended to P2P car sharing, together with other EXTRA Safe features offered by TREVO. You have to be an Allianz Private motor insurance policyholder. The TREVO Shield Plan is an add-on safeguard that complements your Allianz Private motor insurance policy. To gain a better understanding of how TREVO Shield works alongside your personal motor insurance policy, feel free to contact our team here.

3. Is it safe and legal to use TREVO Shield?

Yes, underwritten by Allianz General Insurance Company (M) Berhad, TREVO Shield (termed by TREVO) is a Peer-to-Peer Insurance Add-on that is recognised by Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) and Bank Negara Malaysia.

4. Which TREVO Shield Plan suits me best?

Please keep in mind that the Plans which offer a higher earning (% of Trip Rate) are conditioned with higher liability each time you make an Insurance Claim, and less EXTRA Safe features.

Choose a Plan with the ideal Earning to Coverage Ratio
If you opt for Shield 60 or Shield 65, you will earn 60% or 65% of the Trip Rate respectively, Having said that, these Plans offer EXTRA Safety features, for instance for Shield 65, you’ll receive EXTRA coverage for exterior dents / damage and a lower Surplus Charge of RM400.


Meanwhile, Shield 60 enables you to earn 60% of the Trip Rate. It provides you with EXTRA Safety features that are unavailable in other Plans such as No Claim Discount (NCD) Relief and ZERO Surplus Charge Excess.


Every TREVO Shield Plan comes with a different set of features. Pick the Plan that best suits your earning goals and safety needs as a Host.

5. What happens if my car is involved in an accident and my car is insured through TREVO Shield?

Hosts (excluding Commercial Hosts) will be contractually protected against physical damages (collision and other comprehensive causes), fire & theft, up to the insured value of the Vehicle. Establish contact with TREVO Customer Service at known point of Incident happening.


TREVO shall be responsible for handling the insurance claims process on behalf of Hosts, with reasonable assistance provided by the Hosts and subject to the Hosts’ compliance to TREVO and Insurance terms and conditions.


For post-Trip damages and incidentals, TREVO will assist/work closely with You, Insurer’s panel inspectors, and the police to carry out the necessary investigations.

6. In the event of an accident, how should I proceed with my TREVO Shield claim?

For all claims, Hosts are required to submit a report (Booking Issue Report) via the TREVO app.


For MINOR damages, we may at our discretion directly reimburse Hosts for damages:

  • caused by the Guests during a Trip
  • for which repairs cost is less than the claim threshold of RM1,500 as set out in Annex 2 of our Terms of Service
  • in the sole opinion of TREVO, does not constitute normal wear and tear on the Vehicle. 


For MAJOR damages:

For any major incidents that require immediate attention, Hosts may reach out to TREVO Customer Service via Livechat on TREVO app.

For post-Trip major damages and incidentals, TREVO will assist/work closely with Allianz’s panel inspectors and police to carry out the necessary investigations. In the event the cost of any damage to the Vehicle (as ascertained by the P2P Insurer’s panel workshop) is more than RM1,499, you agree to make a claim from the P2P Insurer to rectify/repair such damage or bears the cost of repair yourself.

In the event of a loss or damage arising from a Trip for which you are entitled to make claims under TREVO Shield, such claims are approved by Allianz. You shall pay a Surplus Charge (according to the Shield Plan) to TREVO and Allianz shall, at their option, pay you:

  • the reasonable or actual expenses incurred in repairing the Vehicle; or
  • the fair market value of your Vehicle, or the sum insured in the applicable policy, whichever is lower,
    determined by your insurer at its sole discretion.

7. Why do I have to pay Surplus Charge for Shield 65 and Shield 75?

Excess is the fees payable to TREVO in facilitating your Insurance claim filing. 

For example, in the case of Shield 60, TREVO Shield offers Zero Surplus Charge where you are supposedly financially responsible for in other Plans, in the event of physical damage to your car during a TREVO trip before you’re eligible for reimbursement.

8. If I choose Shield 60 or Shield 65, how will these TREVO Shield Plans provide coverage for Exterior Dents and Damages?​

TREVO allows our liability to the dents caused by TREVO Guests as per the guidelines below:

a) The paint and body of your car (excluding tyres, side mirrors, windscreen, windows, antenna, and any accessories)

i)          Dent: A depression or contouring on a single panel 2 inches or more in diameter

ii)         Scratch: More than 3 linear inches in length


b) Your car’s bumper

Scratches or dents to bumpers and attached components, provided the scratches are cosmetic in nature and do not compromise the safety and function of the vehicle.

i)           Dent: A depression or contouring on a single panel 2 inches or more in diameter

ii)        Scratch: More than 3 linear inches in length

The maximum payable amount under Exterior Minor Dent/Damage policy is RM1,000 per renewal of your Base Private Motor Insurance with P2P Insurer.

9. I’ve chosen Shield 60. How will I benefit from No Claim Discount (NCD) Relief?

NCD is a form of premium discount for not having made a claim during the preceding period of your Private Motor Insurance (provided the period of insurance exceeds one year).

If TREVO Guests meet with an Incident which will give rise to a claim on TREVO Shield, the NCD of your Private Motor Insurance entitlement that you have accumulated would drop to zero at the next renewal and your NCD will start all over again. TREVO follows the NCD clauses as stipulated in your Private Motor Insurance Policy

NCD Relief

In consideration of the Shield 60, TREVO agrees to compensate you the NCD that you may forfeit due to a claim being made under TREVO Shield. The amount is one-off and is equal to your NCD entitlement as stipulated in your Private Motor Insurance Policy for the current Period of Insurance.


NCD Relief provided under Shield 60 is terminated automatically when:

  •  Insurer make a payment for a claim under this Relief
  •  You change your Shield 60 Plan to other Plans
  •  You withdraw your NCD entitlement from your Private Motor Insurance

How NCD Relief works:

For example, if the full premium of your comprehensive Private Motor Insurance policy is RM1,000, and you have accumulated NCD of 55% in year 2022.

Actual premium paid in 2022 @ 55% NCD = RM450

NCD = RM550

Let’s say in the same year, a TREVO Guest gets into an incident with your car and files for TREVO Shield claim. The effects of the claim are:

  1. TREVO will compensate you with a one-off RM550 owing to the NCD Relief in 2022
  2. You will pay RM1,000 for your 2023 Private Motor Insurance Renewal
  3. Nullify your NCD of your Private Motor Insurance (NCD=0%)

10. What is not covered by TREVO Shield?

TREVO Shield coverage excludes any injuries and damages that are caused when you are driving your own TREVO-listed car, as it is purely a car-sharing Insurance Policy that safeguards your car when it is being driven by Guests. 

When you are driving your own TREVO-listed car, your personal Allianz motor insurance policy will protect you.

Glossary: An ‘A to Z’ Explanation of TREVO Shield

% of Trip Rate
The percentage of the booking fee that is paid by your Guest to you (the Host) in exchange for the use of your TREVO-listed car. You receive a percentage of the trip rate — after subtracting the costs of your protection plan (including the TREVO platform fee) and other deductions by TREVO.

Surplus Charge
This is the amount that you have to pay to Trevo for each and every claim that TREVO Insurer approves, even if the incident is NOT your fault.

Exterior Dents / Damages
Our Shield 65 and Shield 60 Plans cover exterior damages to your TREVO-listed car’s body, paint and bumper. This EXTRA Safe feature is applicable in the event of a collision by your Guests. All dents / damages claims are subject to terms & conditions set by TREVO.

Compulsory Excess Relief
For every Insurance claim there is a portion that you will be required to pay as the first amount that you have to bear; as agreed to in your Insurance policy – the amount is known as ‘excess’. TREVO Shield offers a waiver to the Excess.

Towing and Roadside Assistance
TREVO Shield offers up to RM200 in towing costs for your car to Allianz-approved workshops.

There are 3 TREVO Shield Plans available for car hosts:

Choose the Plan that’s right for you:

 Host’s Earning3rd Party LiabilitySurplus Charge, RMNCD Protection (one off)Fire & TheftRoadside AssistanceExterior Minor Dent/Damage Costs (up to RM1,000)Compulsory Excess ReliefFree GPS
Shield 60 (40% Marketplace Fee)60% of Access Fee0
Shield 65 (35% Marketplace Fee)65% of Access Fee400X
Shield 75 (25% Marketplace Fee75% of Access Fee1500XXRM 15 per Month

Ready to sign up for TREVO Shield?

1. List your car on TREVO
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3. Change your private motor insurance’s insurer to Allianz via TREVO Guard***

*** TREVO team will reach out to you

Hosting a TREVO Car

List your car on TREVO

TREVO Shield

Choose your TREVO Shield Plan

Choose your TREVO Shield Plan

*** TREVO team will reach out to you

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