Dinosaur Encounter Melaka: Exploring The Dinosaur Park

Melaka is the perfect family vacation destination for a variety of reasons. Apart from kid-friendly attractions and historical sites where the kids may learn a few interesting facts, it also includes numerous family-friendly activities that can be enjoyed by both parents and children! Recently, they added a new attraction – dinosaurs! Yes, dinosaurs can also be seen at the Dinosaur Encounter Zoo Melaka!

Introducing Dinosaur Encounter in Melaka

Dinosaur Encounter Zoo Melaka was first opened to the public on Christmas Day, 2020. It is a great new attraction for all Zoo Melaka visitors, especially the little ones who adore dinosaurs so much that they can remember their names! 

It contains over 100 dinosaur species as well as 150 dinosaurs that are the same size as they are in real life. Dinosaur Encounter Zoo Melaka has an area of ​​5 acres in the forest park, making it the largest dinosaur interactive park in Southeast Asia.

Located in Zoo Melaka, Dinosaur Encounter makes you feel like you’ve stepped back into prehistoric ages. You may view life-sized dinosaurs including triceratops, T-Rex, Velociraptors, and many others. There are other types of dinosaurs at the park, such as Brachiosaurus. You can also hear the actual sound effects of these prehistoric animals. It can feel so real that you’ll want to flee from these gigantic beasts, just like the people in the movies.

This dinosaur theme park is set outdoors, with walkways and bridges that provide a true experience of the wild. The broad pathway allows you to enjoy Dinosaur Encounter easily, especially if you have strollers or wheelchairs. 

Step into this enormous woodland park surrounded by many species and challenge your child to see how many dinosaurs you can recognise as you discover them along the walkway! At the Dinosaur Encounter, you’d get to meet some friendly rangers as well!

Getting to Dinosaur Encounter

Dinosaur Encounter Zoo Melaka is located near Ayer Keroh, about 13 kilometres north of Melaka’s historic centre. During the day, transportation can take you to the zoo via the Melaka Sentral bus station, however, it is quite time-consuming. To save time, you may always book your car with Trevo to get you there!

Dinosaur Encounter Ticket Prices & How To Book

The Dinosaur Encounter Melaka ticket prices are reasonably priced, starting at RM38 for adults and RM31 for children and seniors with Malaysian identity cards.

As for foreigners, the tickets are priced at RM81 for adults and RM59 for children and seniors. For those who are disabled, the price is slightly cheaper compared to the full ticket price.

All you have to do to book tickets online is go here and follow their step-by-step online ticket reservation process. Booking your tickets in advance will help you avoid long lines, allowing you to make the most of your time at Zoo Melaka!

Things To Do in Dinosaur Encounter

1. Watch The Dinosaur Performances

Catch various exciting performances every day! Plus, you will get the opportunity to meet Mr. T (T-Rex) and Mr. V (Velociraptor) too! Catch the show at 11:00am and 3:30pm on weekdays and 11:00am and 3:00pm on weekends. There are certain instructions that you’re supposed to follow during the show, so make sure you and your children follow them. 

2. Visit Dino Store For Souvenirs

Do stop by the Dino store if you wish to get some dinosaurs back for souvenirs. A number of items are only available at Dinosaur Encounter so be sure not to miss it. Also, bring back some of the smaller versions so you don’t fill your luggage to the brim with dinosaurs!

3. Lunch Break at Dino Cafe

When visiting such a large area, you will need a break. Dino Cafe is a location to refuel your energies where you can grab your lunch and take a break. Eat some fried chicken and sip some beverages in the cafe while admiring the Melaka dinosaur park.

4. Admire the Valley of Lights

Your Dinosaur Encounter experience will be incomplete if you don’t visit the Valley of Light! The amazing night view at Dinosaur Encounter is worth a visit during the day. You get to see your favourite dinosaur under colourful lighting and gain a different perspective of the park.

Ride with TREVO

If you’re thinking of paying a visit to Dinosaur Encounter Zoo Melaka, take the stress off your shoulders by renting your car with TREVO! The best part? You can choose your preferred vehicle from the wide selection of car models! You can book a car with us to get to Melaka and experience the incredible Dinosaur Encounter at Zoo Melaka!

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