10 Best Scare-venture Spots to get Your Spooks On: Halloween Edition.


Dark tourism might sound unfamiliar to some, but it’s not a new phenomenon. In fact, you might even have experienced dark tourism at some point in your life, regardless of how intense it might have been. 


Often misidentified as “ghost tourism”, dark tourism is not limited to visiting spots with supernatural elements. In fact, it refers to going to places that hold and exhibit among the darkest history of humankind. Every day is a spooky day if we put our minds to it, so we’d like you to cruise along to some of these places in Malaysia that would give you the chills! *cue haunting music here*


Here are the 10 Best Scare-venture Spots to get Your Spooks On


1. Mimaland, Selangor

Malaysia in Miniature Land, famously known as Mimaland, was the first theme park in the country. It was launched in 1975 and has been a favorite family recreational spot. However, several tragedies and mishaps eventually led to its permanent closure in 1994. Since then, the place has been in ruins and is one of the must-gos for explorers who find fascination in abandoned places. If a forgotten place with apocalyptic feels is your thing, add Mimaland to your explore list!


Read more here: https://says.com/my/lifestyle/photos-of-mimaland-malaysia-s-first-ever-theme-park 

2. Kellie's Castle, Perak

Initially named “Kellas House”, Kellie’s Castle is a mansion of Scottish, Moorish, and Tamilvanan architecture owned by Scotsman William Kellie-Smith. It was said that Kellie-Smith decided to build this mansion for his wife, Agnes. He also brought in materials and 70 craftsmen from India to materialize the building. After Kellie-Smith died of pneumonia, his wife decided to return to Scotland, and the construction was abandoned. Now, Kellie’s Castle is one of the must-go for visitors when in Perak. Some were believed to have sighted supernatural beings, and others were said to have spotted a girl’s spirit in white. 

Address: Kellie’s Castle, 31000 Batu Gajah, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Timings: 9 am – 6 pm

Read more here: https://www.malaysia-traveller.com/kellies-castle.html

3. Villa Nabila, Johor Bahru

In the South, a famous seafront villa has been a timeless mystery. It was never known why it was built, who owned it, or what happened in the past. There were many speculations about what took place in Villa Nabila, specifically sinister events. With its fancy-looking exterior, one can only imagine how majestic it had been once upon a time. Eventually, Villa Nabila earned its status as a haunted house from the many unanswered questions that snowballed over the years. And if you’re one of those horror and thrill seekers, you should check this out!

Read more here: https://www.supernaturalconfessions.com/confession-journal/villa-nabila-johor-malaysia

4. Ghost Museum, Georgetown

This is a sweet treat for fans of the supernatural. Ghost Museum, located in Georgetown, Penang, is the first paranormal-themed museum to open in the country. Be greeted by the Orang Minyak, Pontianak, Toyol, Pocong, and more horrific hantu that you might have been spooked with as a child! Although we must say, this museum might not be for the faint-hearted – enter at your own risk!

Address: Ghost Museum, 57, Lebuh Melayu, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang Malaysia

Timing: 10 am – 7 pm (Friday to Sunday)


Read more here: https://www.traveloka.com/en-my/activities/malaysia/product/ghost-museum-penang-admission-tickets-2002101992553

5. Crag Hotel, Penang

Originally known as The Crag Hotel, they opened doors for business in 1895 by the Sarkies Brothers. It was believed that this hotel operated until World War 2 before it was later leased as a primary boarding school and then as a homestay until 1999, when it was abandoned. So how did Crag Hotel become one of the spookiest places in town? It started when the place ran as a school; students claimed to have seen the spirit of a girl lingering around. Legends said it was the spirit of a schoolgirl who had died in the building. Factual or fictitious – we’re not exactly the best ones to tell. 

Read more here: https://www.stevengoh.com/crag-hotel-penang-hill-the-untold-stories-of-this-building/


6. Monsopiad Cultural Village, Penampang

Borneo has been known to be the land of headhunters. Step back into time and the exact ground where Monsopiad, the renowned Kadazandusun warrior and headhunter, walked on. This cultural village was built by the man’s descendants in hopes that it could be an educational hub of the Kadazandusun culture and history and as a way to honor their ancestors. Make sure to visit the Siou Do Mohoing, a house in which the 42 skulls collected as ‘trophies’ by Monsopiad were hung; and the costume exhibit of Bobohizan Inai Bianti (Monsopiad’s direct senior high priestess).

Read more here: https://sabahtravelguide.com/eng/2019/03/08/monsopiad-cultural-village/

7. Bukit Gasing Haunted House, Petaling Jaya

Perhaps another abandoned building drive-by or visits to satiate your hunger for horror – enter Bukit Gasing haunted house. Some might identify it as ‘SG House’ from the initials found on the front of the house. Apart from being uninhabited and looking rundown, two cars, specifically an old Alfa Romeo and a Porsche, parked on the porch makes it more unsettling. Just like many other abandoned buildings, its story remains unknown today. From tales of murder and mayhem to occult practices that took place in this bungalow, its many theories leave room for mysteries and eerie-sistable exploration. 

Read more here: https://juiceonline.com/the-story-behind-the-supposedly-haunted-sg-house-at-bukit-gasing/

8. Double Six Monument, Kota Kinabalu

The date was June 6th, 1976, when an airplane transporting Sabah’s first Chief Minister and six other state ministers fatally crashed. This significant tragedy is also known as the “Double Six Tragedy”, which wrote one of the darkest histories of Sabah. A monument to commemorate the deceased ministers and crew onboard was erected at the exact location where the crash took place. 

Read more here: http://www.sta.my/infoview.cfm?THE_ID=8

9. Mahsuri Tomb, Langkawi

The legend of Mahsuri and her stunning beauty is no stranger to Langkawi locals. It was said that Mahsuri was wrongly tried after being accused of infidelity towards her spouse. Before she was sentenced to death, Mahsuri placed a curse of seven generations of misfortunes on the island. It was told that white blood was oozing out of her body, proving that she was always innocent. Soon after she died in 1819, Langkawi was attacked and conquered by the Siamese. Did a curse come through, or was it merely a coincidence? 

Read more here:https://www.langkawi-insight.com/langkawi_000079.htm

10. Mona Fandey’s House, Shah Alam

In 1993, a gruesome ritual was performed on a politician. The culprit was a singer-turned-witch doctor, Mona Fandey and her husband, together with their devoted assistant. The victim was promised wealth and influence, which would be the last of his ungranted wishes. Although not many know that Mona Fandey used to be a singer, she made her mark deep in Malaysian crime history. Her house is believed to be haunted by the remnants of her evil past, and to add to the spooks, her last words were, “I will never die”. 

Read more here: https://ihauntu.com/5-lesser-known-facts-about-mona-fandey/

Do you have the stomach to visit any of these places? 

If you’re naturally an avid fan of the eeries, we hope you’ll get some inspo for your next scare-venture! Make sure you have a safe drive; speaking of this, you might need a reliable car from TREVO to ensure an enjoyable journey. Happy horror-hunting!

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