TREVO Delivers

Thank you for being a part of our TREVO car sharing family. Our little community has grown so much thanks to your support. We are stronger than ever right now! As a valued TREVO user, we would like to give you a more seamless booking experience by refreshing our delivery settings! Read on to find out more.

Delivery Hours

Klang Valley: 8.00 AM – 10.00 PM
Penang: 8.00 AM – 10.00 PM
Johor Bahru: 8.00 AM – 10.00 PM
Kota Kinabalu: 8.00 AM – 8.00 PM
Ipoh: 8.00 AM – 8.00 PM

How does TREVO Delivers work?

  1. Upon booking a car, a Guest can opt for delivery by entering an address. (Only applicable for cars labelled “Delivery”)
  2. When a Host receives the booking request, the Host has the option to self-deliver or to opt for TREVO Delivery service.

What’s new with TREVO Delivers?

✨ Choose Self-Pickup and Self-Dropoff 
If the Host is near you, you can now select self-pickup and self-dropoff at the Host’s location with no charge.

✨ Get custodians even when it’s busy 
With our latest update, you can now book custodians even during the public holidays and peak hours! Yep, you don’t have to worry about delivery unavailability anymore!

✨Further distance covered 
Worries that you might be too far for delivery? Have no fear, our custodians are here! The delivery range is up to 65KM now to enable more people to drive their dream cars! 

✨ Choose delivery pricing 
Delivery is still provided, but now with distance pricing to support our delivery custodians and to allow our custodians to cover more areas. Please find the breakdown of our delivery by distance charges below.

0 – 4.9 KM10.00
5 – 9.9 KM13.00
10 – 14.9 KM20.00
15 – 19.9 KM30.00
20 – 24.9 KM35.00
25 – 29.9 KM50.00
30 – 34.9 KM60.00
35 – 39.9 KM70.00
40 – 44.9 KM100.00
45 – 49.9 KM150.00
50 – 54.9 KM150.00
55 – 59.9 KM150.00
60 – 64.9 KM 150.00

I’m a Host and I received a delivery request. What’s next?

  1. Reach out to our friendly TREVO Customer Service. 
  2. Tell us your Guest’s desired pick-up and drop-off location(s).
  3. Receive a confirmation email from us.
  4. Receive a call from our trusted custodian before we pick up your car.

I’m a Guest and I requested delivery. What’s next?

  1. Communication is the key! Contact the Host to confirm your delivery. 
  2. Sit back, relax and wait for our lovely custodians to deliver the car to you.

Worried about hygiene?

Disinfection is one of our top priorities at this point of time. Our custodians are ready to safeguard TREVO users by performing the below,

  1. Sanitise, sanitise, sanitise – It is a part of TREVO’s protocol that the custodians sanitise themselves before coming in contact with a car or a Guest. 
  2. No handshake rule – We just want you to be safe, till everything is settled, a nod, a smile, or a wakanda salute will do.
  3. Car disinfection – Our custodians will sanitise the frequently touched parts of a car before handing it over to the Guests.

Pandemic or not – We want you to know that the safety of both Hosts and Guests is our utmost priority, that said, we have prepared more TREVO’s COVID-19 safety measures and health tips for you, find out now.

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