We Want to Give You Money this Christmas — Here’s How!

Our dear beloved Hosts, we are in demand! Whenever the long weekend rolls around, so many people are looking to book with TREVO for their trips. We can’t help it… It’s not our fault that we have a car for every occasion ?

And this time, it’s finally the long-awaited December holidays! That is why we need you. And, we also want to reward you! When you share your car with Guests between 23 December 2020 and 3 January 2021, we will guarantee you RM300 Host earnings for each car!

It is our aim to enable everyone to drive their dreams — to go to their favourite destinations and to have fulfilling trips with their loved ones. We don’t want anyone to be left out.

How does it work?*

  • Accept all booking requests with a booking request date between 23 December 2020 – 3 January 2021.
  • Trip must be completed by 18 January 2021.
  • Each car must complete at least one (1) trip to be eligible.
  • Get minimum RM300 guaranteed of Host earnings for each car made available with 100% acceptance and completion rate via Host Payout by 29 January 2021.

*Not applicable for commercial hosts.

Example A: If your car’s daily booking rate is RM65 and it gets booked for 2 days (RM65 x 2 = RM130), we will top-up an additional RM170 so that the Host Payout will be RM300.

Example B: If your daily booking rate is RM200 and it gets booked for 3 days (RM200 x 3 = RM600), you will receive RM600.

*Host earnings in examples B are before platform fee deduction.

What’s in it for me?

  • TREVO Shield covers your vehicle in liability protection up to RM3 million against damage to your vehicle, damage or injury, as well as fire and theft.
  • Know where your car is at all times with our high-accuracy TREVO Track.
  • Only verified Guests are enabled to book your car. You can share with confidence by also messaging Guests any questions before you accept their booking.

Remember, it’s guaranteed! That means you can earn more than RM300/ car! ? Use that money to do whatever your heart desires! Want to know how much you can earn from your car? Check out our car-culator for an estimation.

There’s nothing to worry about. Just look at what some of our happy Hosts have to say! ?

“I pay my car instalment every month by sharing my car for 7 days, then the car is all mine! The money I earned can now be used to treat my family and friends to the dinners they always wanted but didn’t want to spend extra money on. It’s always the little thing that counts!”

— Stephy

“TREVO was introduced to me by my daughter. I was sceptical at first but I thought it would be nice to try something new. Age doesn’t matter, an open mind does. I’m glad I decided to share my Bimmer because I made much more than I expected in just 2 months and all I had to learn was to tap on a button and accept bookings!”

— Bill Teoh

This is Panneer. A breadwinner, but most importantly, a son and brother. For Panneer, failures are merely guidelines for future success. The love for his family only motivates him to be stronger despite the multiple struggles he faces. “Take the risk, or lose the chance.”

— Panneer

How do I become a TREVO Host?

For more information, feel free to email lighthouse@trevo.my or WhatsApp +60192052803.

What are you waiting for? Let’s #GetMoney!

Terms & Conditions:

  • RM300 Host Earning Guarantee is paid on a per-car basis.
  • This campaign is applicable in Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bahru, Ipoh and Kota Kinabalu

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