TREVOCares: Introducing Allianz PerlindunganKu, an Insurance Plan That Lifts Up Our Community

Hey Trevoler! This is a TREVOCares community message that will Lift Up Our Community. As a peer-to-peer car-sharing community that cares for the safety and wellbeing of our Trevolers, we’d like to share some good news to Lift Up Your Day.

Allianz has introduced an insurance policy called Allianz PerlindunganKu, which provides all-year-round protection for accidents and illnesses. This plan will benefit the Rakyat, especially Malaysians who are eligible for the Perlindungan Tenang Voucher (PTV) programme, a national initiative launched and funded by the Government.

Malaysians who are eligible to receive the Perlindungan Tenang Voucher (PTV) can use the voucher to redeem the Allianz PerlindunganKu plan at no additional costs. Eligible individuals who are interested in getting Allianz PerlindunganKu can visit the Allianz PerlindunganKu Registration Page

Stay tuned for more uplifting TREVOCares community messages like this from us in the future!

Available under the PerlindunganKu Covid-19 Campaign, subject to applicable terms and conditions.

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