Get Your Car Ready To Holiyay With Lim Tayar And TREVO!


15% OFF on tyres and 15%-30% OFF on Engine Lubricant change at any Lim Tayar workshop!

Exclusively for TREVO Hosts and TREVO Guard customers.

TREVO has recently partnered up with Lim Tayar to provide special year-end promotions for you! Keep your car road trip ready and safely maintained for your holiday adventures with this special year-end Lim Tayar promotion.

Here’s how to service your car and save with Lim Tayar!

Step 1

WhatsApp message 018-2811389 with the following details:

  • Your Name
  • Your Registered Vehicle Number
  • Your Appointment Date & Time
  • Your preferred Lim Tayar Workshop
    (view our outlet list here)
  • Your selected Tyre and Engine Lubricant service


No.Item Name Size Retail Price 15% OFF
INTERSTATE TOURING GT 175-70-13 175-70-13 RM158 RM134.30
2CONTINENTAL CC6 175-70-13 175-70-13 RM208 RM176.80
3DLP SP SPORT J6 165-55-14 165-55-14 RM181 RM153.85
4CONTINENTAL CC6 165-55-14 165-55-14 RM204 RM173.40
5INTERSTATE TOURING GT 175-65-14 175-65-14 RM177 RM150.45
6MICHELIN XM2 PLUS 175-65-14 175-65-14 RM227 RM192.95
7INTERSTATE TOURING GT 185-60-14 185-60-14 RM178 RM151.30
8ELDORADO LEGEND GT3 185-60-14 185-60-14 RM199 RM169.15
9CONTINENTAL CC6 185-60-14 185-60-14 RM228 RM193.80
10INTERSTATE TOURING GT 175-65-15 175-65-15 RM220 RM187.00
11MICHELIN XM2 PLUS 175-65-15 175-65-15 RM274 RM232.90
12ELDORADO ULTRA SPORT 4 185-55-15 185-55-15 RM218 RM185.30
13MICHELIN XM2 PLUS 185-55-15 185-55-15 RM284 RM241.40
14INTERSTATE TOURING GT 185-65-15 185-65-15 RM230 RM195.50
15CONTINENTAL CC6 185-65-15 185-65-15 RM261 RM221.85
16INTERSTATE SPORT GT 195-55-15 195-55-15 RM210 RM178.50
17CONTINENTAL CC6 195-55-15 195-55-15 RM232 RM197.20
18INTERSTATE TOURING GT 195-65-15 195-65-15 RM245 RM208.25
19MICHELIN XM2 PLUS 195-65-15 195-65-15 RM307 RM260.95
20HANKOOK K125 185-55-16 185-55-16 RM260 RM221.00
21CONTINENTAL UC6 185-55-16 185-55-16 RM282 RM239.70
22ELDORADO LEGEND GT3 185-60-15 185-60-15 RM230 RM195.50
23MICHELIN XM2 PLUS 185-60-15 185-60-15 RM250 RM212.50
24INTERSTATE TOURING GT 205-55-16 205-55-16 RM294 RM249.90
25ELDORADO LEGEND GT3 205-55-16 205-55-16 RM349 RM296.65
26HANKOOK RA18 215-70-16 215-70-16 RM503 RM427.55
27INTERSTATE SPORT GT 215-55-17 215-55-17 RM418 RM355.30
28CONTINENTAL UC6 215-55-17 215-55-17 RM497 RM422.45
29INTERSTATE TOURING GT 215-60-16 215-60-16 RM357 RM303.45
30CONTINENTAL UC6 215-60-16 215-60-16 RM392 RM333.20
31INTERSTATE SUV GT 225-65-17 225-65-17 RM450 RM382.50
32CONTINENTAL CC LX SP 225-65-17225-65-17 RM510 RM433.50
33DLP SP MAXX 050 225-60-18 225-60-18 RM650 RM552.50
34CONTINENTAL UC6 SUV 225-55-19 225-55-19 RM817 RM694.45
35HANKOOK K125 225-55-19 225-55-19 RM670 RM569.50


No.Item Name Retail Price  30% OFF
   15% OFF



RM169 RM143.65
5AUTOBACS 5W/40 SN/CF (4L)RM263 RM223.55

Step 2

Why not let our Buddy Driver* take your car to the Lim Tayar workshop and return it to you after it has been serviced?

Buddy Driver is free for the first 30 TREVO Guard customers and TREVO Hosts who book a service appointment with Lim Tayar.

Free yourself to relax or focus on your holiday plans!

Just add this as a final line to the Whatsapp message above:
“Yes, I need a Buddy Driver.”

Don’t miss out; book today!

Not sure how to book your Buddy Driver? Not a worry! Here are the full 10 steps:

STEP 1: Log on to your TREVO app. Select Buddy Driver

STEP 2: Click on – ‘Book Buddy Driver Now’.

STEP 3: Select your ‘Pick up date’, ‘Pick up time’ and ‘Number of booking hours’.

STEP 4: Choose your pick-up and drop-off locations. 


STEP 5: Add and save your car information. Once saved, tap on the tick icon to select your car and proceed. 

STEP 6: At the Checkout page, click ‘Select promo code’ to find your Buddy Driver promo.

STEP 7: At the Promo page, key in the Promo Code from this email. Then tap on the ‘+’ button to confirm your Promo Code.

STEP 8: Make sure you have ticked the right Promo Code in the list. Next, click ‘APPLY PROMO’ to proceed. 

STEP 9: That will take you back to the Checkout page. Your Promo Code is now shown here. Then select your Payment Option and click “NEXT”.

STEP 10: Review your payment details. Then click ‘PAY’. Next, confirm your booking details. Your free Buddy Driver is now on the way!

Terms and Conditions apply.

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