“The Car Was Perfect!” – Steering the Wild with the Hyundai Santa Fe

Looking to travel into the wild terrains but can’t find a car that can brave rocky roads? We have just the solution for you! 

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a D-segment SUV that can manoeuvre exceptionally well on any terrain. Rest assured you’d remain comfortable in your seat while travelling off-road. Being a 7-seater, that also means there’s enough room to enjoy a trip with your family and friends! ?

You didn’t just hear it from us. Listen to what Nigel has to say about the Hyundai Santa Fe when he took it for a drive to the waterfalls! ?

Do you think the Hyundai Santa Fe is a good car to drive for road trips?

The Hyundai Santa Fe was perfect because the roads on the way to the waterfall were really bad. It was very bumpy and had lots of potholes. One of my friends driving a sedan found it hard to navigate the roads. 

If you have to pick one car for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’d probably pick a BMW 3 series as it is practical and also fast. It also has the perfect balance between luxury and performance. You can pull up to a meeting in that car and people would still take you seriously.

Do you see yourself using the Hyundai Santa Fe car as a daily driver?

I can definitely use the Santa Fe as my daily car. Being in the landscaping business, having a 4WD is an added benefit since we have to visit all kinds of sites with varying terrains. I currently use a Ford Ranger pickup as my daily car for the same reason.

Out of all the cars you’ve seen on TREVO, which one would you like to drive? Why?

Of all the cars listed, I would like to give the Audi R8 a try as I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. It’s fast and it’s a head-turner.  And also, it is tough to afford one. TREVO makes it possible to drive the car without having to burn your wallet.

How has TREVO changed the car game for you?

Now, I can pick from a large selection of cars for any occasion. From pick-up trucks to supercars, they have it all. If I have to send my car for repairs, I know I can easily book a car on TREVO. It’s completely hassle-free with no paperwork involved. Also, the delivery and pick-up service makes it much more convenient.

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Want to travel into the great outdoors like Nigel?

? Book the Hyundai Santa Fe ?

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