Tastefully Food Expo: Savour This Mega F&B Fest in Penang and KL!

This year has been incredible for foodies! After savouring the freedom to explore your fave eateries again, the upcoming Tastefully Food Expo at Setia SPICE Convention Centre, Penang promises more mouthwatering delights!

So mark your calendar and plan your trip. This event will be held from 2 to 4 September!

Tastefully Food Expo at Setia SPICE Convention Centre, Penang will not just be a one-off festival, there are many more food fests that are coming our way this year!

Here’s proof! Hailed as Malaysia’s biggest F&B fest ever, the Tastefully Food Expo has been gratifying the taste buds of countless Malaysians at various venues this year:

Source: Tastefully Food Expo

Over 150 exhibitors, more than 1,000 food and beverages

The most recent Tastefully Food Expo at Mid Valley Megamall attracted over 150 exhibitors with more than 1,000 food and beverages to enjoy. Some of the delectable dishes that were served at the Expo include:

  • Sweet chicken floss by The Foodie Hub
  • Vegetable, paneer, fish, chicken, mutton, and jalapeno cheese cutlets from Sukee’s Kitchen’s
  • Fried chicken, nuggets, and chicken karaage by Tyson Foods
  • Satay strips and spicy masala bites from First Pride
  • Vico fresh coconut water
  • And many more renowned F&B brands — both local and international
Source: Tastefully Food Expo

The organiser has not confirmed the number of exhibitors at the next Tastefully Food Expo in Penang yet, but there’s sure to be an abundance of savoury food and beverages for everyone!

Source: Tastefully Food Expo

Yummy takeaways are available too!

Besides satisfying your appetite at the Expo, you can also bring home a wide selection of local and global cuisines to share with loved ones. So prepare yourself for a huge takeaway. Our expert tip would be to bring friends along. The more hands to carry the food home, the merrier!

Source: Tastefully Food Expo

An expo that satisfies more than just your tummy

Besides exhibiting the food and beverages, Tastefully Food Expo has been known to feature cooking contests like the recent Dim Sum Omakase Competition. Winners who impressed the judges with their cooking skills were awarded cash prizes, premium water filters, vouchers, and goodie bags.

The next Expo could be a great platform for you to showcase your culinary talents. Give the judges and visitors a taste of your appetizing dishes and stand to win amazing prizes!

Additionally, there could also be lucky draws at the Expo. You might have a chance to win vouchers and items worth hundreds of ringgit!

Penang and its other gems

Penang has many non-culinary attractions besides the Expo and the island’s famous local cuisine. Its golden beaches, colourful butterfly sanctuary, ancient Kek Lok Si temple and other fascinating destinations are just a drive away.

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