SCDW: Peace Of Mind Protection For All TREVO Guests

Book any vehicle on TREVO with confidence! Every vehicle on TREVO is covered by Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) protection for our guests.

What’s SCDW and how will it protect me?

If the unexpected happens, and you are involved in an accident while driving a Vehicle you booked on TREVO, SCDW ensures you do not need to pay a fortune in repair costs.

A protection plan that limits the financial liability (Excess) of TREVO Guests

SCDW is specially designed to limit your financial liability (Excess) to the accidental damage caused to a Vehicle during a TRIP, subject to the coverage specified below.

How does Excess work?

Excess is the amount you have to pay towards the overall repair costs of physical damage to the vehicle during the booked trip.

For example, the vehicle you booked on TREVO was damaged in an accident. The cost of repairing the damage is RM5,000. If the Excess of your chosen SCDW plan is RM500, you’d have to pay the first RM500 and then TREVO will take care of the remaining RM4,500.

What does SCDW cover?

  • Damage to the vehicle’s exterior
  • Damage to a 3rd party property
  • Vehicle theft
  • Loss or damage to the vehicle caused by accidents
  • Loss or damage by fire or theft
  • Towing services

Wow… that’s a lot of coverage! Are there some things that SCDW doesn’t cover?

  • Any damages of the vehicle owing to the cause of fuelling error
  • Lost or damaged vehicle keys or remote controllers
  • Damages to the vehicle’s interior

Are there any situations that can invalidate my SCDW coverage?

Your SCDW coverage can be invalidated in various scenarios. Some of them can’t be helped, but you could prevent many of these situations! Here are key factors that can stop you from receiving SCDW coverage:

  • You have driven the car in a negligent and reckless manner.
  • Someone else drives the car you have booked.
  • The car has been driven in violation of any laws or regulations.

How do I get SCDW for my TREVO booking? I want to stay protected!

The SCDW protection plan is part of your car booking process, so you wouldn’t miss it:

Step 1: In your vehicle booking ‘Checkout’ page, SCDW is listed under ‘Insurance Package’.
Step 2: Select your desired Protection Plan: Premium, Basic, or Lite
Step 3: Tap ‘NEXT’ to confirm your selection.

What are the differences between the three SCDW plans?

Each plan comes with varying Excess amounts, in the event of physical damage to the vehicle that you booked. The Excess charges depend on the plan you pick and the attributes of your booked vehicle, including the Daily Rental rate and the Vehicle Booked duration.

PlanDaily Price (RM)Excess (RM)SCDW Cost %
1-4 days Booking
SCDW Cost %
5-9 days Booking
SCDW Cost %
10-14 days Booking
SCDW Cost %
14-365 days Booking
< 15015006.70%4.40%2.90%2.10%
< 30030007%4.60%3%2.20%
> 30040008.30%5.50%3.70%2.90%
< 1505009.30%6.20%4%2.90%
< 3008509.80%6.40%4.10%3.10%
> 300120011.60%7.70%5.10%4.10%
< 15020016.70%11.10%7.10%5.30%
< 30035017.50%11.50%7.40%5.50%
> 30050020.60%13.70%9.20%7.30%

Does my SCDW plan determine Excess charges?

Yes, the maximal SCDW plan comes with the lowest Excess charges. So the more you pay for a plan, the lower your Excess charges.

All plans are priced differently:

  • Lite: the Excess amount that the Guest is liable to pay for physical damage to the vehicle during the booked trip is limited to a range of RM1,500 to RM4,000
  • Standard: is limited to a range of RM500 to RM1,200
  • Premium: is limited to a range of RM200 to RM500

Daily Rental rate, another factor that determines Excess charges

Booking a car that costs either RM150 and below, RM300 and below, or more than RM300 per day, varies in Excess charges. The Excess amounts increase with Vehicles of higher Daily Rental rates. SCDW subscription costs vary over different plans.

How is my SCDW cost calculated?

It depends on your Vehicle Booked duration. The more days you book the vehicle, the lower the SCDW costs of your gross booking value.

How much will my SCDW cost when I book a particular vehicle?

Let’s say you booked a Perodua Bezza on TREVO for 5 days.
The Vehicle’s Daily Rental Rate is RM100. And you have selected the Standard SCDW Plan.
Total Rental Rate is RM100 x5 = RM500

Under Standard plan, SCDW cost is 6.2% of your gross booking value:

RM500 x 6.2% = RM31

So you will have to pay RM31 for SCDW protection when you book this Perodua Bezza.

To learn more about how SCDW costs are calculated, please contact us through Live Chat. We look forward to hearing from you!

If I get into a car accident, what should I do?

First of all, stay calm. Make sure that you and your passengers are fine. If anyone needs medical attention, call 999 to request assistance.

Then, in order to use your SCDW plan coverage, you will have to:

  • Report the accident to TREVO immediately via Live Chat. Just open your TREVO App > Account > Contact Us > Live Chat)
  • TREVO personnel will contact you shortly to provide assistance. Our staff will guide you in lodging a police report.
  • Once TREVO has a copy of the police accident report, we’ll process the claim through our insurance provider.


Don’t worry, once you have contacted TREVO via Live Chat, we’ll assist you every step of the way.

To learn more about SCDW Terms & Conditions, visit

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