Lift Your Holiyay This December With Our Best Cars

40% OFF your car booking!

Promo Code:

Min Spend: RM400

Capped at RM250

Valid until 26 December 2021

Wherever you’re headed for your year-end hols, just relax, recharge and renew 💜

Let TREVO #LiftYourHoliyay! We have the ideal car for you.

Family-friendly: Perfect for the local Santa! Hosted by Asni Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd
Sports cars: All I want for Xmas is you. Hosted by Car BnB
Sophisticated rides: When you wanna cruise in style. Hosted by Mohamad Farihan Abdul Hamid
Budget-friendly city cars: 'Tis the season for $aving. Hosted by Purple Flash
Red Axia to Lift your Holiyay vibes. Hosted by Muiz Alyamin
Jingle in the jungle: An elegant crossover from the city to Nature. Hosted by Car BnB

We have many more cars that’ll suit your needs this holiday season. So, don’t miss out!

 Our cars are being booked up really fast.

Car up for a great holiyay with TREVO today!

Terms and Conditions apply.

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