IMPORTANT: Updated Weekly Host Earning Payout

Dear TREVO Hosts, we cannot thank you enough for helping drive our car sharing community to greater heights. Guests were able to experience their dream trips with their dream cars thanks to your generosity! 

With that, we wish to inform you that starting from 28 January 2021 onwards, our Host Earning Payout cycle has been changed from fortnightly to weekly (every Tuesday) for your convenience.

The Host Earning Weekly Payout will be made in batches as follows:

  1. Bookings completed between Monday to Sunday is considered (1) batch.
  2. Payment processing for each batch will take 7 business days
  3. Payment will be made on the following Tuesday

Kindly note that once TREVO makes the payment, processing at your selected bank may take up to 1 additional business day before the payment is credited into your account. 

Our last batch of fortnightly Host Earning Payout was for bookings made between 11 January 2021 – 27 January 2021, in which payout was made on 2 February 2021

Our first batch of Host Earning Weekly Payout is for 28 January 2021 – 7 February 2021, where the respective payout will be made on 16 February 2021.

Please feel free to reach out to us, or you may always refer to our Terms of Service or go to our FAQ by clicking the button below. 

Thank you.

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