How can my Guest extend their TREVO booking?

If your Guest would like to extend their booking, they simply need to make a new booking on the new dates. The start time of the new date has to be 3 hours after the end time of the current booking.

However, if the new booking’s start time is after 11:30 pm, the earliest time they can select is 6 am on the following day.

For illustration, refer to the table below:

Booking end time

3 pm

6 pm

11:30 pm

New booking start time

6 pm

9 pm

6 am (following day)

Before you advise the above to the Guest, check the following.

  • Make sure your listing’s availability date is updated so the Guest can select the new dates.
My car is not available for extension, what can I do?

Inform the Guest that your car is unavailable and suggest they book with another Host. If they’re having issues finding a car, advise them to contact Customer Support via live chat for assistance.

My car is not available for extension but my Guest is far away and/or will not be able to return on time.

Depending on the time they end up returning the car to you, the Guest will be charged late a late return penalty.

  • Less than 1 hour of the agreed time of return: No additional charge
  • 1- 5 hours: additional charge of 6 hours of daily booking
  • More than 5 hours: additional charge of 24 hours of daily booking

In this situation, you can submit a Booking Issue Report on the app for reimbursement.

In the event that your car has not been returned after the booking time has ended and you’re unable to contact the Guest, inform the Customer Service team within 2 hours.