Help Us Help You EARN MORE as a TREVO Catalyst!

Our car sharing family has been growing at an exponential rate, and it’s all thanks to everyone in the TREVO community! As we continue to grow, we are committed to looking for more cars so that more people can drive more dreams.

That’s why we WANT you! Become a TREVO Catalyst and reach out to your peers who might need help, to help us get more cars onto TREVO. What’s the sitch? By helping us, we’ll help YOU earn more income too! ?

How does becoming a TREVO Catalyst work?

Good things come in pairs and hence we have thought of a twin-errific way for you to make extra money! For every pair of cars that get referred and onboarded onto the TREVO platform, you will receive RM250.

There’s more! For every pair of cars onboarded by YOUR agents, YOU will receive RM75 too! ?


1) Catalyst A refers hosts to list their cars and receives RM250 per 2 cars
2) Catalyst A refers Catalyst B to become a Catalyst agent
3) Catalyst B refers hosts to list their cars and gets RM250 per 2 cars
4) Catalyst A gets RM75 per 2 cars referred by Catalyst B

Terms & Conditions

  • Applicable to Klang Valley only.
  • For the application to be completed, you must first receive a confirmation email from
  • TREVO Catalysts must use their referral codes as a referring tool. You can find your referral code in TREVO App > Account > Invite Friends.
  • Cars hosted by the agent himself will be not rewarded; Only cars hosted by referees are eligible.
  • Cars hosted by commercial hosts are not eligible.
  • TREVO Catalyst is a 2-tier reward program e.g. Catalyst C is under Catalyst B only and not Catalyst A
  • Incentives are paid by pairs e.g. Catalyst onboards 5 cars but will be given an incentive for 4 cars. Another RM250 will be paid when a 6th car has been onboarded.
  • Cars must be listed on our platform for at least 30 days.
  • Payout will be carried out every 15th of the month.

Want to know more about becoming a TREVO Catalyst?

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