George Town Festival is back!

GTF 2019
The return of the George Town Festival (GTF) is anticipated to be more thrilling.
The Festival, now in its thirteenth year, will feature a scaled-down but equally exciting physical structure from July 9 to July 24, 2022, with more than 80 programmes spanning theatre, music, dance, film, photography, and other art forms.

"A Festival for Everyone"

George Town Festival 2022

With the theme “A Festival for Everyone,” the Festival maintains its dedication to making the arts accessible to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, or background, including festival attendees, the art communities, the general public, and the underprivileged. It also aims to inspire future generations of art practitioners and lovers. It promotes uniqueness and creativity by giving creative individuals a forum to display their efforts.

Throughout the 16-day celebration, be on the lookout for impressive performances and activities centred around different themes in unexpected locations all over George Town and beyond, from indoor performing spaces to hidden spots and unique venues. You can also expect to have an unforgettable experience learning about and appreciating George Town’s arts and cultural heritage in a brand-new way through a variety of ticketed and free programmes.

What's happening this year?

This year’s festival will feature:

  1. The Senses at The Habitat Penang Hill’s Curtis Crest
  2. Mozart at the Mansion, at the Blue Mansion
  3. DEWA INDERA INDERA DEWA – a Teater Tradisional Makyung performance of Malay Mak Yong style.
  4. Ibu – Teochew puppet theatre performance

The majority of the program will be free of charge!

This will include:

  1. Angin OMbulan, a modernised rendition of Malay traditional healing performances, SERENITY
  2. A Glimpse Through the Traditional Lenses, which will be a screening, a performance, and a brief workshop, fusing traditional art forms with modern dance techniques.

In addition, there will be Come Play With Me: A Piano Concert for Families and Cahaya XR: First Edition, an immersive XR art show.

Feel free to check out the full calendar of the festival here

Ticketing and Prices

George Town Festival 2022 Tickets

Some of these shows will have their global debut in Penang, while others will debut here!

The Festival’s tickets will generally be 30% to 50% less expensive than comparable offerings elsewhere, allowing attendees to see high-end performances for reasonable pricing.

To buy tickets for events that need tickets feel free to explore and buy them on the official GTF website. If you can’t get the tickets on the official website, feel free to get them on Cloudtix.

Getting to and Enjoying Penang

Driving to Penang is just as fun as Penang itself! There are many cool things to see and eat, and most importantly there is a very long list of cars that you can check out on TREVO.

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Rest assured that Georgetown itself is a great place full of attractions, so you can be confident that your weekends will not get dull for a minute during your Penang trip.

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