1. Guest informed Host that they're involved in an accident or emergency

2. What the Host should ask the Guest:

  • If the Guest is injured
  • If the car is driveable
  • Pictures and videos of the car condition
  • The exact location of the incident
  • If a third party is involved: Obtain their contact, car number plate, and insurance information of the other car and driver.

3. Contact Customer Support via the in-app live chat and provide the above details

4. Our Accident Handling team (AHT) will be contacting both Host and Guest as soon as possible and advise the next steps

What is defined as emergency?

If the car broke down, can’t start or Guest is in any sort of danger during a TREVO booking. It is advisable to contact Customer Support for assistance and provide the necessary details.

How can I get extra peace of mind when hosting on TREVO?

Our revolutionary P2P Car-Sharing insurance, TREVO Shield makes your hosting experience extra safe. Find out how here.


Do not take matters into your own hands, wait for the Accident Handling Team to contact you.