How are Host earnings calculated? Example:

Daily Rate: RM100

Marketplace Fee (25%): – RM25

SST (6%) on Marketplace Fee (RM): RM1.50

Host Payout: RM73.50


How often is the Host earning payment cycle made?

Payment is made weekly. The cut off day every week is on Sunday and each batch payment processing will take 7 business days.


How do I receive my Host payout?

We will make the payment via your registered bank account.

Update your bank account details on the app (Account > Payments > Your Earnings)


How do I know how much I’ve earned every month?

You will receive a monthly statement via e-mail (1st week of the following month).

You can also check on the app (Account > Payments > Your Earnings)


Example of a payout calendar

Payout is calculated on the date a booking ends. The cut off day is every Sunday and it will take 7 business days to be processed. We aim to make the payment on Tuesdays to your updated bank account. Some banks might take an additional day or two for the funds to be reflected.

You will receive a payment advice for each completed booking from our bank when the payment has been processed by our Finance team. The payment advice will have the booking ID for reference as well as the nett payout amount.

How about other payments such as Host-Self Delivery payouts and Booking Issue Report reimbursements?

Host Self-Delivery payouts and Booking Issue Report reimbursements are paid separately and will have their own payment advices. They also have different processing time i.e. 14 working days for Booking Issue Report.

For more information regarding Host earnings, refer to our FAQs