TREVO is Going Electric in Penang: Here’s the Breakdown

Breaking news — your holiyay in Penang just got a MAJOR upgrade with the arrival of the Eclimo ES-11 on TREVO!

The Eclimo ES-11 is a made-in-Malaysia electric scooter, powered by nano-structrured batteries. So, what’s an electric scooter, how does it work, and what must you know about? You’ve got questions, we’ve got all the answers!

What’s an electric scooter?

An electric scooter is a scooter with an integrated electric motor. It’s an eco-friendly mode of transportation. That means (a) no petrol, (b) way lower greenhouse gas emissions and (c) minimised overall carbon footprint.

The Eclimo ES-11 can seat up to two people comfortably, so it’d be a city cruise for two! It’s a good idea to ride the electric scooter as you would be able to zip through the busy island and its crazy traffic swiftly. Trust us, you do not want to get stuck in Penang traffic.

How do I charge the bike?

No EV charging stations? No problem! The Eclimo ES-11 uses a three-pin plug charging system, so all you have to do is plug and charge.

You just need to charge the bike for 4 hours for it to be fully-charged, and then you’re ready to go! You can use the bike for a maximum distance of 100 kilometers before it’d need a recharge.

What should I prepare?

First and foremost — your driver’s licence. To ride the Eclimo ES-11, you’d need to provide us with a B, B1 or B2 driver’s licence, failure of which may result in not being permitted to ride the electric scooter.

Secondly, for COVID-19 and hygiene reasons, we’d recommend bringing along your own helmets. However, we do provide helmets at an additional fee.

Can I ride everywhere in Penang?

You can only ride the Eclimo ES-11 in Penang island only. You are not allowed to ride outside of the island.

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