Licence expired? Renew by 30 June to continue driving amazing cars on TREVO!

Image source: Mypt3

Attention fellow Trevolers with expired driving licences! If you have not renewed your licence by 30 June 2022, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) will revoke your licence and issue you a summon 😕

To obtain a driving licence again, you would have to:

  • Attend driving classes
  • Take the online computer test
  • Pass the on-the-road driving examination, which will be conducted by JPJ authorities

JPJ listed four driving licence classes which could be revoked if your licence has expired between a year and three years:

  • Learner’s driving licence (LDL) — can be revoked for over a year
  • Probationary driving licence (PDL) — can be revoked for over two years
  • Competent driving licence (CDL)
  • Public service vehicle (PSV) and goods driving licence (GDL) – can be revoked for over three years
The Transport Ministry had previously extended the moratorium from renewing your driving licence and road tax until 31 December 2021. So, the authorities dah kasi chance dah ye 🙂
Imagine not being able to drive a car for months or worse, years 😔 So hurry! Please renew your licence at any JPJ or Pos Malaysia branch as soon as possible!
Here’s another TREVOCares message for our beloved community. Keep calm, renew your licence, and drive on!

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