TREVO Delivery – How & When Do I Deliver My Car to My Guest?

Update: From 1 June 2022, all bookings with delivery and/or pick up requested will be automatically arranged. Therefore, Hosts are no longer required to contact Customer Support via Live Chat to arrange deliveries. Read more here.

Welcome on board as a TREVO Host! We’re so excited to drive your dreams with you, but WAIT! You just got your first booking! Now what? How are you going to get the car to your Guest? 🤔 Luckily there are 2 easy ways, and one of them even gives you extra Host earnings!

🚗 Deliver your own car (with incentive!) 💰

To bring yourself closer to becoming a SuperHost, we absolutely encourage our Hosts to self-deliver cars to their Guests. Why? Simple! The benefits include:

💰 Extra income – Get paid when you self-deliver

⚡️ Swift delivery – Reduce delay and waiting time for your Guests

👍 Quality bookings – Increase customer satisfaction

Now you must be wondering: How much can I earn if I self-deliver my cars? Refer to the table below!



How do I calculate my self-delivery earnings?

Example: 14KM per trip
Base Fee: RM5
Distance traveled: 14KM x RM0.75 = RM10.50
Total: RM15.50*

You can also earn double the incentive (based on distance traveled) when you perform self-delivery for both drop-off and pick-up!

I’m excited! What do I have to do next?

  1. Accept a car booking request.
  2. Fill up this form if you are self-delivering your car.
  3. Our team will verify the details once it’s submitted.
  4. Payment will be issued alongside your weekly Host earning payout.

🚗 What if I can’t self-deliver my car? 😢

Don’t worry! TREVO’s got you covered with TREVO Delivers, our special service provided to all Hosts for all their bookings. This service includes basic cleaning and inspection of cars. Our trusted Delivery Partners also help Guests to conduct the inspection on their behalf in order to ensure a safe trip for everyone.

TREVO Delivers operation hours:

*Delivery operation times might vary depending on Government's regulations such as during CMCO, MCO, or lockdown as well as other factors.

TREVO Delivers coverage area:

Our Delivery Partners deliver within areas in Klang Valley, KLIA 1 and 2, Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Johor Bahru, Ipoh and Seremban.


A map is also accessible in the TREVO app under Booking Details > Delivery Details.

What if the drop-off and pick-up locations are not within the coverage area?

If your drop-off and pick-up location are not within the coverage, please discuss with your Guest on a separate location that is within our coverage area to ensure smooth delivery of the car by our TREVO Delivery Partners.

TREVO Delivers delivery fee charged to the Guest:

Delivery pricing per way:


Both drop-off and pick-up are within the coverage area! What’s next?

Delivery arrangements will be made automatically and you and your Guest should receive a text message on the status. 

If you don’t receive a delivery confirmation text from TREVO 3 hours after your booking has been accepted, please contact TREVO Customer Service using the Live Chat button in the Account screen.

Is there anything else I need to remind my Guest?

Your Guest will need to provide verification, such as their IC, to the Delivery Partner. If someone else is picking up the car on behalf of the Guest, please tell them to provide you with their details so that you can inform TREVO. The Delivery Partner will ask for verification of the individual upon delivering the car to the drop-off location.

Oh no! My Guest wants to change their booking details! What should I do?

That’s fine! However, please take note that any amendments to the booking details such as drop-off/pick-up location and timing should be made 6 hours before booking time by the Guest.

📢 Reminder for our Hosts!

To ensure a smooth booking experience for both Hosts and Guests, we urge Hosts to initiate a conversation with their Guests to discuss drop-off and pick-up arrangements.

Not sure what to say to your Guests? Here’s a simple template for you!

For self-delivery:

Hi (name)! I am your TREVO Host for the (car model/make) that you have booked. I will be delivering the car personally to you. I will need to verify your details upon delivering the car. May I please have your name and IC number for verification later?  If someone else is picking up the car on your behalf, please ensure they have a valid TREVO account and inform TREVO via Live Chat as well.


(Pick-up by non-Guest – if applicable)

For TREVO Delivers:

Hi (name)! I am your TREVO Host for the (car model/make) that you have booked. I will be arranging for TREVO to deliver the car to you. As TREVO will need to verify your details upon delivering the car, please bring along your driving license. The TREVO Delivery Partner will do the verification. If someone else is picking up the car on your behalf, please provide me with their details as well so that I can provide them to TREVO.


(Pick-up by non-Guest – if applicable)

For any enquiries before, during, or after your booking, please do not hesitate to reach out to TREVO through our in-app Live Chat or email

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