5 Types of Cars That Will Uplift Your Family’s Balik Kampung & Raya

Balik Kampung

Remember that feeling when you drive up to your family home? Excitement fills the air. You may have not visited your nenek, atuk, aunties, cousins, nephews or even ibu and ayah in months! Now, with the reopening of Malaysian borders as the country transitions to an endemic phase, the whole family gets to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa in person — for the first time in ages!

You get to play Sudirman’s Balik Kampung and Saloma’s Selamat Hari Raya evergreen festive songs repeatedly during the trip to your hometown and Open Houses. Unlike the past two years, this time you can continue the tradition of bermaaf-maafan (seeking forgiveness) from your family and friends in person. 

The kids will also enjoy receiving physical duit raya, and who can forget the Raya cookies and dishes? This Raya, you’ll be able to share yummy favourites like almond london, ketupat and ayam masak merah with many more loved ones.   

These are just some of the Aidilfitri joys to re-discover this year. However, besides reliving past celebrations and traditions, how about creating new fun memories for your first non-virtual Raya in years? 

Syukur ader TREVO! Here’s how our wide selection of Raya-Ready cars can lift your Raya celebrations.

Bring your grandparents jalan-jalan in a SUV

Do your grandparents plan to visit relatives and friends? Make their day by booking a spacious, comfortable SUV on TREVO. Drive them around like the good grandkid you are!

Entertain the kids with a TV in your MPV

Are your children, nieces or nephews feeling restless during the long balik kampung journey? Book an SUV or MPV that is equipped with an overhead display screen and entertainment system! 


This is your chance to be the cool parent, uncle or aunty. Keep the kids entertained while you enjoy a relaxing drive.

Visit the cinema together in MPVs and SUVs

Another way to lift your Aidilfitri celebrations is to watch Raya movies together! Treat your loved ones to a fun time at the cinema. This year, your whole family can watch the movies together – from your grandparents, parents, uncles and aunties to your cousins, nieces and nephews! 


Our fleet of MPVs and SUVs is just a few taps away from booking. They will be able to accommodate your loved ones comfortably.

Kid in Car

Make a good impression with dashing coupes and sedans

Were you able to maintain a stable, thriving career despite the pandemic-induced economic slowdown? Reassure your parents and loved ones that you are doing just fine by arriving home in luxury sedans or coupes.

Freshened up, affordable cars for comfy family outings

If you prefer more affordable cars, we have a variety of clean, freshened up Bezza, Myvi and other vehicles that’ll suit your needs. Let your family enjoy safe and comfortable journeys as you all drive around to attend Open Houses.

Beach Campfire

Fun, eco-friendly rides on Eclimo electric scooters

If you happen to be in Penang this Raya, the eco-friendly Eclimo electric scooters are also available for booking. Feel the wind in your hair while you chill and visit the island’s many attractions. 

Enjoy your Raya drive with TREVO today! Your Sayang is waiting for you on TREVO 💜

🚙  Book your dream Raya car before your favourite cars are taken! Drive your Sayang everywhere this Aidilfitri – together with your keluarga dan sahabat tersayang.

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