How Booking 12 Hours Ahead Can Uplift Your TREVO Experience

Plan your drive with TREVO in full confidence. For the best experience, book at least 12 hours ahead.

Your Promo Code is guaranteed for you

Don’t risk your Promo Code being invalid. Some of our Promos are not usable for bookings under 12 hours.

You’ll be giving our Host more time to prepare

Our Host will be thanking you for giving them more time to sip on their fave coffee while they lovingly prep and clean the car for you to use. We’ll ensure the car will be ready and delivered to you (if you choose the delivery option).

You’ll be at ease

Isn’t life better when you know you’ll be getting the car you want in a lovingly cleaned condition for you without any delays or sudden surprises?

So for a more uplifting TREVO experience, do book early!

Remember, the early bird gets the worm😊

For any enquiries, feel free to contact us via our in-app Live Chat.

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